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The History of PaperDoc.

By integrating medical

knowledge and artificial intelligence

advances, PaperDoc allows

healthcare professionals and researchers

to stay up to date effortlessly.

The history of the project

PaperDoc is an application offering summaries of scientific articles using artificial intelligence.

“Being a doctor myself, the idea for PaperDoc was born during my internship. I realized that although reading scientific articles is essential to the training and daily practice of health professionals, it is largely neglected. The explanation is simple: thousands of articles are published every month in hundreds of journals. It then becomes difficult and time-consuming to select the most relevant articles to read to update your knowledge. It's not uncommon to hear colleagues say they don't have time to read articles.

The idea of ​​an application which selects articles by theme for the reader to absolutely know, which summarizes them in a clear and pictorial way, which encourages health professionals to read as many articles as possible through a points system and rewards, and provides a system for evaluating the methodological quality of an article and the information gain provided for the reader then came to me.

The goal is to offer health professionals a simple tool allowing them to always be up to date, in a fun and motivating way and without wasting time. By meeting the initial and continuing training requirements of caregivers, the application falls within the ethical and legal framework of Continuing Professional Development to which healthcare professionals must submit.

PaperDoc also allows professionals in the liberal sector, who are often more isolated, to keep their level of knowledge up to date. The idea of ​​targeting advertisements based on readings so that users are always aware of new devices or drugs placed on the market in relation to their practices has emerged. As a doctor, I have no doubt that PaperDoc meets a growing demand from healthcare professionals.

“Are you an anesthetist-resuscitator and you are interested in post-operative pain? Here are the essential articles to know, as well as the announcements offering the most innovative devices for post-operative pain management.

At the same time, I completed a year of Master 2 in Mathematics, Modeling and Learning at the University of Paris, during which I learned machine-learning methods and developed therapeutic decision-making tools in emergency situations. 'emergency.

The fabulous potential offered by these methods seemed obvious to me: artificial intelligence must be put at the service of health. And urgently! We are far behind other sectors such as finance or ecology. It is therefore natural that PaperDoc wishes to develop innovative solutions around these technologies.

PaperDoc was born.

Our beliefs

PaperDoc is committed to simplifying the daily lives of caregivers and researchers. Our daily objectives are to respond to the challenges of the health sector.

  • Win time
    Our solutions aim to free up valuable time for caregivers, allowing them to devote more time to their main activity: caring for patients and creating special human connections with them.
  • Free
    Free and accessible for all caregivers: an imperative for a fair and efficient health system.
  • Functional
    Favoring simplicity and efficiency, our solutions offer caregivers clear, intuitive and directly accessible functionalities, allowing them to concentrate on what is essential: optimal care of their patients.
  • Artificial intelligence
    The massive use of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies is essential to exploit the potential of these solutions and cope with the explosion of medical data.

our team

PaperDoc is committed to simplifying the daily lives of caregivers and researchers. Our daily objectives are to respond to the challenges of the health sector.

Dr Nicolas Gatulle

Founder President

Dr. Nicolas Gatulle is an anesthetist-resuscitator in Paris and passionate about artificial intelligence, a field in which he also conducts research. He founded PaperDoc to simplify scientific monitoring for health professionals and researchers using artificial intelligence.

Damien Delansorne

Founder CEO

After a technical and industrial career in project management, Damien specializes in business management and puts his expertise at the service of SMEs, startups and consulting firms, before founding his business management consulting agency.

Eliot Calimez

Data Scientist

After 3 years of scientific preparatory classes (CPGE), Eliot joined the Télécom Paris engineering program. He specialized in Data Science for a year at EURECOM, then completed his training with a Master 2 in Data Science at Ecole Polytechnique. After gaining experience in consulting firms and start-ups, he joined PaperDoc to head up AI development.

Victor Dupre

Full-stack developer

After studying computer science, Victor specialized in web and then mobile development. After a period as a freelancer, he created his development agency to best put his expertise to the service of innovative companies. In 2023, Victor joins the PaperDoc team to continue the development of the mobile application and website.


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Who can use PaperDoc?


PaperDoc is designed to support all certified healthcare professionals, whether they are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and many others. Our goal is to accurately answer their medical questions while making it simple to update their knowledge.

And for students?


PaperDoc also targets healthcare students, providing easy access to a wealth of medical education content. Our platform aims to support their learning by providing relevant and up-to-date resources.

Is this a free solution?


PaperDoc is dedicated to every healthcare professional and strives to be accessible to as many people as possible. This is why PaperDoc is and will remain free.

What are the main sources of medical information consulted by PaperDoc?


To ensure reliable and exclusive information quality, PaperDoc relies on renowned public medical sources and a network of specialized clinical applications. Our search engine aggregates a rigorous selection of references