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Our mission

With an ever-increasing amount of medical literature being published every day, it can be difficult for busy doctors, nurses, and researchers to keep up. That’s where PaperDoc comes in!

PaperDoc is perfect for busy medical professionals who want to stay up-to-date with the latest research without spending hours reading through dense scientific papers. It’s also a valuable resource for students and researchers who need to quickly familiarize themselves with new topics and developments in their field.

How does it work?

PaperDoc is a GPT-4 powered app that quickly analyzes and summarizes medical articles from a wide range of sources, distilling key information and findings into concise summaries that can be easily read. Summaries are then classified by specialties, categories and topics in the app so that you can easily find articles of interest. Once you’ve read the summary of interest, our app also provides links to the original article and related research, so you can develop deeper research if needed.

What’s coming next?

Currently, PaperDoc is limited to a few specialties, including anesthesiology, critical care, oncology and hepatogastroenterology. However, we’re constantly working to expand our coverage to include more specialties in the near future.

Very soon, PaperDoc will provide a free service where you will be able to simply input the URL or title of the article you want to summarize, and the app will do the rest. Within seconds, you’ll receive a summary that highlights the most important aspects of the article, including key findings, methodologies, and implications.

And many more functionalities will soon be available on the app!

Meet the team

Nicolas Gatulle

M.D., founder  

Anesthesiologist, intensivist, AI, entrepreneur

Damien Delansorne


Management control, project manager, entrepreneur

Dr Billal Chouli

Ph.D., CTO  

AI, blockchain and neurochain expert