AI in Healthcare

Bridging Perspectives between the French Public and Physicians – Insights from the Healthcare Data Institute


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is heralded as a transformative force across various industries, and the healthcare sector is no exception. Recent studies conducted by the Healthcare Data Institute provide a fascinating glimpse into how the French public and physicians perceive and embrace this innovative technology. Through an in-depth exploration, we delve into the disparities in understanding and utilization of AI in the medical field.

Understanding and Using AI in Healthcare

Results from the OpinionWay survey for the Healthcare Data Institute reveal an intriguing contrast. While 73% of the French public claims awareness of AI tools, only 29% incorporate them into their daily lives. Conversely, 80% of physicians are acquainted with these technologies, with over 40% regularly integrating them into their medical practice.

Perception of AI Contributions to Healthcare

A significant portion of the French public appears uncertain about the potential contribution of AI to the healthcare sector. More than half struggle to discern the potential benefits of this technology. For them, AI could be particularly intriguing in the research of new treatments (54%), disease diagnosis (46%), and epidemic monitoring (45%). On the other hand, although 61% of physicians have a clear vision of AI benefits, understanding its concrete functioning remains elusive. They see AI’s potential in automating administrative tasks (21%), assisting in clinical decision-making (18%), and managing patient records (16%).

The Role of AI in Patient Care

The study reveals that 45% of the French public trusts AI in managing their health, with nearly half considering the possibility of receiving treatment from their physician with the assistance of AI (44%). On the physicians’ side, almost 70% express comfort in collaborating with AI in patient care.

Promoting In-Depth Understanding of AI:

Members of the Healthcare Data Institute advocate for the shift towards AI, convinced of its potential to enhance care pathways. However, the results indicate that understanding of AI increases with regular familiarity. It becomes imperative to promote a comprehensive understanding of AI, its practical applications, and its integration into the healthcare sector.


The study results unveil a disparity in perceptions between the French public and physicians regarding the potential impact of AI in the healthcare domain. As a think tank, the Healthcare Data Institute is committed to clarifying the concrete applications of AI, thereby bolstering the confidence of healthcare professionals, patients, and the general public.

As AI becomes an indispensable ally in the healthcare sector, a profound comprehension of its practical applications becomes the linchpin for a fruitful collaboration between humans and machines.

Together, we can stay at the forefront of medical science and provide quality care to our patients.

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